About Us

 Riverside Studios and Quest Music Uk was started back in 1998, by me & my Dad. ( I'm Seb btw ) like most small studios we had a bit of gear made lots of mistakes, but I like to think we learned fast. Now the studio has seen consistent work flow and has developed very well in a tough climate, with a new control room coming in  2012 and some new production areas being put together I hope we are always improving. There are currently 3 studios on the site at the moment with Mastering/Mixing engineer Stuart Bruce down stairs in the 'Stone Room' , Charlie Jones (Producer/ Bass player ) in another room with his amazing vintage collection of equipment, and then the main studio upstairs with a main recording space and 3 associated Isolation Booths.
I hope 2012 will see the small label start to do great things and I think we are associated with some amazing musicians and writers. Here's hoping that over the coming months we build on the web and you are able to enjoy some of the music like we do.
Riverside Studios
Avondale Coachhouse
London Road East